Pinball is available to play on an hourly basis, $10 per person per hour for a pod of three games.

  • Capacity is limited to 20 guests indoors; additional seating is available on the two patios.

·     Social distancing shall be observed as required by state and local regulations.

·     Wash your hands well and often.

·     No coins or cash will be used.

·     A pod includes a table and three adjoining pinball machines and may seat a maximum of four people per party. All players on machines (one game or more) must pay the hourly fee. A non-player may sit at the pod table as part of the maximum party of four.

·     Each pod is socially distanced from other pods, curtained off, and will include sanitizing spray and a clean cloth.

·     Groups may not change pods during their hour of play. However, you can change pods for a second hour of play.

·     Pods will be sanitized between groups.

·     Groups may not move pods, or congregate with anyone outside a pod.

·     Food and drink may not be moved from the table in your pod.

·     Gloves are available on request; however, the gloves may only be worn in your own gaming pod (no wearing the gloves outside or to the restroom, etc.).

·     Face coverings must be worn when leaving a pod and while playing games in a pod; face coverings do not need to be worn when seated at a table.

  • Children are welcome as part of the four-person party. Children must be supervised at all times and must remain in the pod with their supervisors.

·     All current social distancing rules posted apply. Additional rules may apply if required.


  • Pod A: Super Mario Mushroom World, No Good Gofers, Attack from Mars
  • Pod B: Medieval Madness, Monster Bash, Star Wars (Stern)
  • Pod C: Pirates of the Caribbean (JJP), Iron Maiden, Scared Stiff
  • Pod D: Twilight Zone, Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure, Theatre of Magic


The Full Game List:

Iron Maiden Legacy of the Beast (Pro), 2018 Stern

Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure, 1993 Williams

Medieval Madness, 1997 Williams

Monster Bash, 1998 Williams

No Good Gofers, 1997 Williams

Pirates of the Caribbean, 2018 Jersey Jack Pinball

Scared Stiff, 1996 Williams

Star Wars (Pro), 2018 Stern

Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World, 1992 Gottlieb

Theater of Magic, 1995 Williams

Twilight Zone, 1993 Williams

Ms Pac-Man, 1981 Midway

Breakshot, 1996 Capcom – coming soon!

Jack-Bot, 1995 Williams – coming soon!

Junk Yard, 1996 Williams – coming soon!

Revenge From Mars, 1999 Bally – coming soon!

Star Trek: The Next Generation, 1993 Williams – coming soon!

The Addams Family, 1992 Williams – coming soon!

Centipede, 1980 Atari – coming soon!

Ice Cold Beer, 1983 Taito – coming soon!

Pac-Man Battle Royale, Namco 2010 – coming soon!

Playchoice 10, 1986 Nintendo – coming soon!

Tron, 1982 Bally Midway – coming soon!